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What is the difference between a touch panel and a resistive touch screen?

Issuing time:2024-02-26 14:24

The main difference between touch panels and resistive touch panels lies in their implementation principles and application characteristics.

Touch screen is a broad term that can refer to any screen with touch function, including various types such as capacitive, resistive, optical, etc. Therefore, resistive touch screen is just one type of touch screen technology.

Resistance touch screen is a touch screen technology based on pressure sensing, which achieves touch positioning by measuring the pressure changes on the surface of the touch screen. Resistance touch screens are typically composed of multiple layers of materials, including glass or plastic substrates, conductive layers, and isolation layers. When users touch the screen, the pressure of their fingers will cause deformation of the conductive layer, thereby changing the resistance value and achieving touch positioning. The advantages of resistive touch screens are low cost, mature technology, and good stability, making them suitable for situations with low precision requirements, such as industrial control and self-service terminals.

And touch screen is a broader category, which can include various technologies such as resistive touch screen. In addition to resistive touch screens, there are also various types such as capacitive touch screens, optical touch screens, and surface acoustic wave touch screens. These different types of touch screen technologies each have their own advantages and disadvantages, and are suitable for different application scenarios. For example, capacitive touch screens have advantages such as multi touch and flexible operation, making them suitable for consumer electronics products such as smartphones and tablets; Optical touch screens have advantages such as high resolution and high transparency, making them suitable for high-end display devices.

In short, resistive touch screen is a type of touch screen technology that is based on pressure sensing to achieve touch positioning. It has the advantages of low cost and mature technology, and is suitable for some situations that do not require high accuracy. And touch screen is a broader category that includes various types of touch screen technologies, suitable for different application scenarios.

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